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What is Performance Marketing?

Traditionally, performance marketing refers to an action requested by a client to an ad agency. This could refer to number of clicks or leads. Once this action is obtained, the client pays the ad agency.

Green Zebra Media sees performance marketing a little differently. As much of our business serves professional sports leagues, we refer to performance marketing as going above and beyond in service and value to provide qualitative results the first time. Just like performance athletes aim to be best in class, so do we.

We scrupulously watch the market for trends and keep tabs on the competition. Our desire is to position you in the most advantageous way so your ad dollars perform above and beyond. Our expectations mirror those of professional athletes in that we don’t know the meaning of the word “quit” and we won’t stop until we attain your goals.

Why Spend Money on Ad Spend?

Digital advertising spend is expected to balloon from $378 billion in 2020 to over $645 billion by 2024. This means more money filtering into online ads. This does not translate however to maximizing ad spend for the most beneficial engagement and lead generation.

If you’re an athlete, professional or not, you want to put your best performance on display every time you play. Your business is no different. Some ways our brand of performance marketing can serve are:

  • Doing the marketing grunt work while giving you final approval on all creatives
  • Choosing when and where to display your ads
  • Allowing you to display ads online, in-venue, or both
  • Putting your brand in front of fans and consumers that are ready to buy
  • Delivering measurable results with KPI analytics

So Why Are We Different?

If you’ve tried it yourself and have been left with headaches and empty pockets, turn to a source that knows the digital ad space and won’t stop till they get the results you need. Green Zebra Media is comprised of marketing professionals with decades of experience in their belts and a passion for getting your brand recognized.

Not only that, we’re in partnership with the largest professional sports leagues in the nation so your marketing dollars stretch to out-of-home (OOH) advertising onto digital billboards, lounge TVs, concession stand cashiers, and Wi-Fi connected smartphones.

Using our proprietary software, we can track real-time results in stadium and online. We take the guesswork out of guesswork by giving you real numbers – real audience attendance, real engagement, real clicks, real demographics. Yes, we know how to keep it real. For real. (Okay, we’ll stop now). Really.

Experience Next Level Performance Marketing

Stepping into the next level of advertising and partnering with us for pure performance marketing is a great move. This allows you the jump to the head of the line. Rather than wait for results for months on end, see your ads and brand engage with consumers right away.

If you’re interested in learning more about Green Zebra Media’s Performance Marketing strategies, contact a media representative at [email protected] to schedule a no-cost business analysis and orientation.

Jackqueline Lou

Public Relations Writer

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