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The Client

Governors Island

Governors Island, a historic 172-acre island in the heart of New York Harbor and only 800 yards from lower Manhattan, is a recreation center for tourists and locals, offering bike paths, barbecue hammock parks, slides, ballfields, and lookout hills.

The Competition

Connectivity Challenge

The Governors Island Connectivity Challenge was issued to inventive thinkers nationwide out of the desire to create an engaging messaging and entertainment experience for tourists and local guests visiting the island. The winner would deploy state-of-the-art WiFi technology and messaging capability at the unique island location with significant logistical challenges due to weather and geography.

The Solution

Advanced Technology

next to a strategic partnership

We partnered with Fiberless Networks to win the Governors Island Connectivity Challenge and installed WiFi and lightning-fast internet to the island. Governors Island utilizes many benefits from Green Zebras proprietary software like:


Branded captive portal collects data for detailed analytics reporting


Fast wifi through cinderblocks thanks to WiFi 6 Smart Solutions Connection


Third-party push ADs, login-page ADs, and in-session ADs

Zone Targeting

The ability to deploy media campaigns to various areas simultaneously

“The winner will address the needs of the visitors of today and the multi-use tenants of tomorrow, while demonstrating their ability to mitigate risks associated with climate change, such as high winds, potential flooding, and storm surges.”

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