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You’re not interested in blending in. But with a vast range of options for digital media agencies, choosing one that fits your brand and budget can make you feel like you’re lost in the fray. A green zebra in the wild is sure to catch anyone’s attention and so, as our name suggests, our aim is to capture attention to generate brand awareness, leads, sales, or all of the above.

Above all else, our team is comprised of creative and strategic leaders in the industry who have held every marketing and branding position you can think of. No project is too big, and no company too small. We are here to help you.

Green Zebra Media began as one division among a family of four. Our mission is to deliver the most comprehensive performance marketing to meet and exceed your needs. We strive to emulate this in standing out and making bold moves to propel your company forward. Run with us and experience the Green Zebra difference.

Performance Marketing

Our Process

Our performance marketing process is designed to deliver results for our clients. We start by defining the marketing goals, then identify the target audience. We research the competition and develop a strategy and plan of action. Next, we execute campaigns and monitor the results. Finally, we evaluate the results and make changes as needed. Our goal is always to provide a quality service that produces results for our clients.

Define the marketing goals

Identify your target audience

Research your competition

Develop a strategy and plan of action

Plan and execute campaigns

Evaluate and analyze results

Top 3 Reasons To Work With Us

Our business model is based on providing a quality service that delivers results.


We are experts in our field and have been generating leads for over 10 years.


We only work with businesses that we know can benefit from our services.


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