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Green Zebra offers wireless wifi training programs to assist with the limited number of qualified wifi technology positions that going to be available in the United States by 2020.

Our wifi training programs are designed to help marketing agencies and individuals develop the skills necessary to preform basic wifi marketing software skills.

Smart wireless wifi is creating new job opportunities as businesses and smart cities are deploying wireless wifi.  All devices will be connected, all humans will connect through devices to wireless in some way.  As we connect those devices opportunities exist for people with the skill sets and education.

The IT networking world as we know it does not have the experience to manage or deploy marketing campaign.  This will require marketing agencies and marketing experts to learn, read and analyze big data as well as develop marketing strategies around social wifi technology.

The world around us has changed, humans love all the cool tech stuff, however, the opportunity to see a wire world future as an opportunity, we must adapt and be prepared.

Our Wifi Marketing programs focus on wifi marketing strategies, analytics, case studies, and how to execute wifi marketing campaigns and much more

Wm Coleman Smith, an innovative thought leader and visionary has taught business development, sales, marketing, digital literacy & wifi training courses to over 1 million students worldwide.

In addition to teaching learning courses, he developed Virtual learning platforms (LMS) and e-learning distribution networks with colleges and corporations globally from 1989 – 2005.

This is your chance to create a competitive edge for your self or business.  Register Today!

Wifi Training for Professional Marketers & marketing agencies.

Wireless wifi marketing is a growing business.  It’s no longer just an IT wireless network and security requirement, it’s has become and will be come the fastest growing marketing opportunity for every business marketer.  Social guest Wifi is smarter, faster, creating smart physical spaces that communicate with people through local wifi.  It’s time that marketing departments step into the it world of wireless wifi, the rich wifi analytics features built into wifi today allows marketing departments a deep view into the customer behavior.

What you will learn about wireless wifi marketing benefits will excite you beyond your belief. The web is now connected to physical world.  Call (800) 777 3562 or register below.

Webinar Topics

  1. What is social wifi?
  2. How to use wifi marketing to build your brand in physical spaces?
  3. Why you should be using wifi analytics and reports for marketing insight?
  4. How the wireless wifi marketing landscape will impact your business models by 2020?
  5.  How to design & develop a wifi marketing strategy?Green Zebra Media Wifi Marketing IT Solutions

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