Why Green Zebra Media

Smarter Cities | Smarter Business | Smart WiFi | Smart Marketing


We’re creating a wireless wifi fast track to building smarter cities, businesses and venues for mobile customers.

We’re accelerating wireless networks by giving leaders turnkey, smart city and business solutions that are ready to deploy now. Because we design, build and manage the entire data, hardware, software and network experience end-to-end, we’re able to move quickly and tune every detail to your needs. Our modular approach allows us to easily combine the technologies and services you need now while allowing you to modify and expand capabilities later with minimal effort and expense.


Green Zebra innovations make a difference where life happens everyday.

On their own, Wireless technology can transform a single location into a powerful, media-rich communications hub. Working together, they can transform entire blocks into usable digital media networks empowering businesses, securing communities and enabling mobile users with in their reach to experience new world of opportunity; delivering content tailored to individual users.


Smart Cities | Smart Business | Smart Wireless | Smart Marketing


Now almost any city and business can be more connected.

Our wireless products and services are purpose-built and can be based off an existing solution or customized to accommodate a specific need. The financial model is equally customizable, with financing available through advertising, sponsorships and other non-tax revenue streams.


Turnkey wireless design, management & marketing services.

We manage all aspects of the network solution including hardware, while partnering with industry leaders on the seamless integration of software, advertising media and broadband internet. Together, with our partners, we provide a broad menu of complimentary services for Smart Cities and smart business infrastructure programs.