Start converting customers into buyers by promoting coupons,
special offers generate leads using something your are already giving away for free!

It’s now possible to turn Internet Access and “Free Wi-Fi” into an automated lead generation machine for your business in less than 5 minutes with no technical experience required.


Family WiFi Green Zebra

Family Safe WiFi

Mobile devices often provide a welcome distraction for children and adults out as a family. But also a potential minefield for web safety and security.  Give your customers peace of mind.

Wifi Review Feature

Review My Venue

The only critic worth listening to is your customer. If they give great reviews, switch on the new review feature to receive reviews from your customers posted on leading review sites.

Wifi Personal

Empower your people

Your account management feature allows admin to grant access to venues within local or national areas.  Varying between guest or group or decision makers inside the portal in real time anywhere in the world.

Expand your guest Wi-Fi access, engage online visitors and improve your business brand & marketing performance through a single platform.

Social Wifi USA


Get Your Guest Wifi License Now


The perfect solution for any local business looking
to offer a secure Internet service to its customers in a user-friendly manner.

Run in-store Social Powered Wi-Fi promotions and collect valuable marketing data for future online re-targeting and marketing campaigns.


Auto Lead Generation

Automatically build targeted email lists of customers who have been in your business location.


Monetize Free WiFi

Promote products, services, loyalty programs, mobile apps, and special offers and more to grow Social Powered in store Wi-Fi solution


Social Icon-31

Social Marketing

Increase social media presence and engagement with integrated social login and sharing options.


Social -Icon-4

Scalable & Affordable

Unlike most solutions providers we offer cost effective pay as you grow options to allow you to scale your business.

How Does My Guest WiFi Work?

Step 1:

Customer connects to a Free Wi-Fi connection on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Step 2:

The customer will be directed to a landing page and asked to login with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Instagram or with their Email address to access Free Wi-Fi.

Step 3:

 Customer is encouraged to share on Social Media and “Like” business on Facebook before being redirected to your own custom thank you page or URL of your choice.

Step 4:

Customers enjoy Free Wi-Fi while your client benefits with valuable marketing information that can be used later.

MY Guest WiFi Portal Works In The Cloud

Enterprise features and scalability at small business pricing.
Simply log-in from anywhere with an internet connection to make changes.

 Logical Wifi

It’s Logical

LogicFlow is easy to use interface which comprises of drag and drop technology and the setting of actions.  Whether you need an action to track valuable assets, people, weather conditions or customer behavior, we’ve got it covered.

Managed Wifi dashboardp_ipad

Getting it Right

Our powerful campaign monitoring tools allow you to gain insight into real time versus historic results on all marketing communications, sent through the wifi portal.

Social -Icon-4

Portal WiFi Analytics

WiFi portal provides you with rich analytics about customers behavior in physical spaces. Similar to web analytics, we capture footfall, passers by, conversion and bounce rates, dwell times, return visits and frequency; a snapshot to understand your venues.

100% Your Brand

Your own branded Wi-Fi platform, allow your business and staff  to login under your own brand.


Free Wi-Fi login methods include Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram or just regular email.


People who connect to your Free Wi-Fi are redirected to your custom landing page


Automate email list building by connecting your favorite auto-responder or CRM.


Landing pages can be created in your language for a custom user experience.


Limit the max amount of bandwidth each connected user can consume.


Set user connected time limits for promotions and prevent internet squatters.


Change your landing pages automatically by settings up a campaign schedule.


Let your clients log to your branded WiFi platform with multi-level permissions


Learn who your most loyal customers are with full analytics and reporting.

Integrate With Your Auto-responder & CRM

Information of users who connect to your Free Wi-Fi service is automatically sent via API to auto-responders
such as Aweber, Mail Chimp, iContact, GetResponse, Active Campaign and SendReach.

… And Much More!

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