Retail Sandwich Shop using Mobile Marketing

Small business Mobile Success a quick story for you…

Yesterday I went for lunch at a new pop-up
sandwich shop selling the most amazing
spicy Italian sausage by a guy named Mario.

As the business was just a few weeks old,
I couldn’t help but notice that the owner
already had a QR code!

So I pulled out my phone, scanned the QR code,
and was so disappointed to see that it went
to a broken WordPress page.

Practicing what we preach, I began explaining
to Mario how we can create him a beautiful
Premium Mobile Website!

Also, as he’s new and looking for customers,
we could add a Mobile Wallet Loyalty program
with a coupon (to drive new business).

He could then Tweet this link and share on
Facebook and Instagram, offering a free drink
with the purchase of a sandwich.

Once the coupon is installed, he could trigger
Push Notifications in real-time to bring people
in for lunch specials and promos.

When customers walk by his location, he could
trigger iBeacon alerts telling them to come inside!

Also, he could take the new mobile coupon and
create QR codes that capture LEADS in exchange
for the coupon, which further drives growth.

And finally, he could also open an mCommerce store
to sell fresh sausage to everyone in the city.

What do you think he said?…

I think we’ll be eating free lunch for a long time 🙂

You can do the same.

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Coleman is the founder and president of the Green Zebra Media, an award-winning marketing & technology consulting firm based in Orange County CA.

During his career, has built multiple 7+ figure online businesses from start-up.

He is an internationally known speaker, author, producer and online marketer and an expert in business development and marketing.He has been quoted by media organizations including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, MSNBC, and Fox News and appeared on TV Shows such as Home Shopping Network and QVC.

Coleman's small business advice and education has reached more than 20 million students and entrepreneurs around the globe. Coleman is the bestselling author of a 12 book series called "Keep It Simple" & award winning Film Producer of 75 documentaries.
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