Social WiFi for Car Dealers

Cars & Trucks are big ticket items, so even small improvements in customer communication can lead to big increases in revenue.

Potential customers who visit your showroom, service department and dealer lot are the ideal audience for delivering marketing messages that could make the difference between ‘just looking’ and buying.

Existing customers will also be receptive to targeted messages designed to encourage purchasing the latest model or benefiting from special offers for new cars, services and parts.

Auto Car Dealership social-internet Wifi

Users connect with local Dealership Social WiFi.
You promote special offers and collect user re-marketing data

Making free WiFi pay for itself at your car dealership

Today people routinely use Internet research to compare offers while considering a large purchase. This activity is often overlooked by retailers, most businesses are concerned of the possibility of losing a sale to a website business.  But what if your free social WiFi could create new ways to communicate directly to your buyers instantly:

  • Direct users to a web page dedicated to helping people buy cars from you.
  • Capture user contact details and demographic data.
  • Capture details of people looking around your dealership, even when your offices are closed!
  • Communicate with potential customers during their visit with marketing messages, like offering 0% finance or information on test drives and special offers.
  • Communicate with customers following their visit with specific messages for days, weeks and months after they visited.
  • Transform an unproductive 10 minutes in your waiting room to a valuable data capture and marketing opportunity.
  • Allow each WiFi user to ‘Like’ your Facebook page by posting positive messages to their friends.

Getting Started with Wireless Social Wifi

Installing wireless social wifi in you car dealership is as easy as an oil change. We send you a specially configured WiFi router, which plugs into your existing broadband setup.  We also supply you with “Free WiFi” window, wall stickers and promotional cards.

Social Wireless Wifi costs less than a few spark plugs per month and provides huge potential to increase foot traffic and revenues.

Most of the indoor area of car dealers can be covered by just one WiFi router, so keeping your costs to a minimum. Larger buildings and dealer lots areas levels may require greater coverage,  we have cost-effective solutions that do not require expensive cabling.

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