7 Reasons Your Business Needs Wifi

7 Big Reasons to Get Social Wifi
for Your Business, Hotel or Franchise.

Social Connected WiFi made safe, easy, and compliant for your business.

When your customers visit your business, they expect to be able to access free WiFi.
Our solution provides a simple way to turn the cost of supplying secure public WiFi hotspots into a powerful marketing tool that: 
  • Boosts your social media profile
  • Strengthens customer loyalty
  • Promotes your business through social media
  • Increases revenues 
  • Time Limit individual users’
  • Protect from unauthorized website use
  • Easy customer login using Social Media

Most people know that their business should benefit from social media, but are not sure how.  Social wifi should be affordable, simple and provide a powerful WiFi hotspot that propels your business to the forefront of social media marketing.

Facebook ‘likes’ are a vital part of social media success. So imagine the power of getting a Facebook ‘Like’ from everyone who uses your WiFi, and then being able to send them friendly messages, updates and promotional offers.

This is exactly what you receive  each time someone logs onto your WiFi.  Twitter users will ‘Tweet’ about you and get a ‘Follow’ on LinkedIn, giving you constant promotion to all of their followers and connections.

  • Advanced Marketing
  • Use your analytics dashboard to unlock your marketing potential
  • Simple login process – no passwords
  • Gain Facebook and Twitter Followers
  • Increase your social reach.
  • Automatically email your customers
  • Data capture and export
  • Monetize your free WiFi

Social WiFi solutions are great for all types and sizes of businesses, from large multi-nationals to small independents, including hotels, bars & clubs, retailers, shopping centers, leisure businesses, recreational and amusement parks, soft play complexes, apartments, hairdressers, sports complexes, and many more.

The online portal allows you to view stats on your customers and profile the data by demographics, date or when / how often they visit you.

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CEO | Founder Green Zebra at Green Zebra Media
Coleman is the founder and president of the Green Zebra Media, an award-winning marketing & technology consulting firm based in Orange County CA.

During his career, has built multiple 7+ figure online businesses from start-up.

He is an internationally known speaker, author, producer and online marketer and an expert in business development and marketing.He has been quoted by media organizations including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, MSNBC, and Fox News and appeared on TV Shows such as Home Shopping Network and QVC.

Coleman's small business advice and education has reached more than 20 million students and entrepreneurs around the globe. Coleman is the bestselling author of a 12 book series called "Keep It Simple" & Profit.an award winning Film Producer of 75 documentaries.
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