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A Precision Wireless WiFi, Marketing & Analytics Company

Engage mobile customers,  collect valuable WiFi marketing data.
Run contests, promotions and special offers, engaging mobile users real-time.

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Precision WiFi Gets Your Brand Message
Delivered On Every Visit

Green Zebra is the leading wireless, marketing and analytics data provider for Smart Cities, multi-location venues; such as commercial properties, stadiums, hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, any location where large groups of people gather is perfect for smarter WiFi.



How Does It Work?

Wireless Social Wifi

Guest Wifi

Guest WiFi Experience

Select a template, drag and drop images and text into position and turn on, it’s that simple. Manage demographic, venue, or location. Decide to charge or not;  we can provide tools you need.

Guest WiFi

Guest Wifi Simple to Set-Up

Leverage the power of your complementary wifi network to engage customers, gain insight into your business’ surrounding area like never before. You’ll be up and running in less than one hour.

Wireless Wifi check

Free vs. Paid WiFi?

WiFi should be free, many ways of adding value. Require a payment gateway for paid service or one you provide extra time or speed at a charge, we’ve got it covered.

Simple Social Log-in

Wireless Social Wifi Login

Local customers access your wifi using a social
media account or email address

  • Your brand – Social WiFi Marketing login
    We’ll design and configure a custom landing page to your brand
  • No more online forms
    Users log in using their social account
  • Online in seconds
    Your customers will be online and surfing within seconds
  • Time efficient
    No more wasting staff time with complex passwords
  • Frictionless data capture
    Fast, simple & accurate data capture

Advanced Marketing
Use your analytics dashboard to
unlock your marketing potential

  • Simple login process – no passwords
  • Gain Facebook and Twitter Followers
  • Increase your social reach
  • Automatically email your customers
  • Data capture and export
  • Monetise your Free WiFi with Social WiFi


Reach a Social Audience
Get likes and follows automatically

  • A like/follow in exchange for free WiFi
  • Grow your social network
  • Target real in-venue customers
  • Share your news with a relevant audience
  • Pre-written posts and tweets shared on login
  • Check-ins available with Facebook, automatically
  • Ensure your customers are always informed across the social networks
  • Save marketing costs by utilising digital word-of-mouth marketing

Automated emailing
Send all visitors a welcome email

  • Collect customer email address
  • Grow your wifi marketing email list
  • Targeted demographic wif marketing campaigns by gender
  • Send relevant promotions, up coming specials,  events
  • Increase your mobile app downloads
  • Set up your favorite email autoresponder for drip campaigns
  • Ensure your customers get weekly notifications and coupons
  • Social wifi Marketing is easier than social media

Qualified data capture
Grow your marketing database

  • Collect names, email address, birthdays and more
  • Use wifi analytics data for target offers
  • Send offers based on Relationship Status
  • Find out who is local and who is not, with Location Data
  • Build a detailed profile of each customer
  • Be more relevant and grow your business
  • Download all data to your own CRM
  • Save time and money by eliminating manual data collection methods.
  • Build a database of quality, qualified customer data.

Managed Services


Managed Voice & Data

Guest Wifi Login

Your one stop solution for managed voice and data services.   One Vendor – One bill great for for multi – locations data management.


Wifi Network Installation

WiFi Networking

A One stop shop for a full service wifi enabled businesses.  WiFi network hardware, installation & proximity technology.



Wifi Managed ServicesSocial Wifi Hotspots

Green Zebra offers Wifi license, wifi management, cloud portal dashboard, installation and setup. That includes 24/7 management for single or multi-locations businesses


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Why Green Zebra?

Social wifi marketing since 2010, Green Zebra has been delivering innovative mobile technologies to business clients.

“Before Green Zebra, business owners, marketing agencies, wireless wifi and IT Managed Services companies struggled to connect the marketing dots with the wifi network to reach local shoppers. Over the past several years we have established a large network of social wifi business locations that use social wifi hotspots to connect customers to physical products and services.  We learned a lot!

Now With Green Zebra, not only do we have a consistent social wifi hardware implementation process, we formed the largest wifi hardware install network in North America. Most importantly we formed a centralized marketing team in Las Vegas, NV to create a national wifi marketing agency. Our #1 goal is to assist business owners, marketing agencies, wifi resellers, wireless technology providers, and social wifi software platforms. It’s all about the customer experience and business ROI.



We bridged the gap between wifi technology & marketing! How?

  1. We hire hospitality marketing-minded individuals to give great marketing support.  We report  your monthly analytics, provide marketing ideas on how to improve, and track month to month results.
  2. We also partnered with the largest professional IT service group in the world to deploy wifi hardware installations. Our affordable WiFi hardware and installation services are now scaleable worldwide for all our partners and clients. ( 7,000 installers strong)marketing-for-mobile

We are building a wifi support organization for partners that will change the way the Social WiFi engages customers and physical locations. Join us on this journey, connect with us, we will help you scale your wifi business no matter the size.

If you’re not offering complementary WiFi, you’re already trailing in the industry! As you can see from the graph more users are spending larger amounts of time engaged with mobile devices than ever before. You can expect this trend to continue at a rapid rate.

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How We’re Unique

120+ yrs combined management Technology Experience 100%
Monetizing WiFi Advertising Solutions 100%
Wifi Managed Services 100%
Beacon & Proximity Marketing Technology 100%
WiFi Technology 100%
Wifi Analytics and Reports 100%

What Our Clients Are Saying!

  • Working with the Green Zebra Media team over the last two years has changed the way we look at online marketing and how we utilize videos in our search engine ranking efforts. We have already budgeted additional spending for the next fiscal year for additional services.
    Beams Interactive
  • Green Zebra has been wonderful on Guiding lights responsive website Pilot cars for oversize load services.  They have held my hand through the entire project. Within 48 hours began receiving calls and leads for services

    Talented team - Their vision and creativity on our mobile app project will change our industry forever.

    Guiding Light - MyPilotcars .com
  • Green Zebra Mobile which focuses on small businesses, allows users to easily create, edit and manage an app online without any programming knowledge.
    The New York Times
  • At Green Zebra mobile an owner can start by picking an industry-specific template; there are offerings for restaurants, bars, gyms, and others  
    The Wall Street Journal
  • Considering how cheap the service is and that apps are custom-made for each business - I think SMB Marketing has great potential.  
    Tech Crunch

Green Zebra Corporate Office

23046 Avenida de La Carlota Suite 642
Laguna Hills, CA  92653
p: (949) 836-7952
f: (949) 209-5814 – Mobile Marketing – Wifi Monetization